endorsed  glowingly endorsed 

epl fantasy soccer

howard zinn
jon kabat zinn

the economist
bbc podcasts
almadovar films

pub trivia night (I will destroy you)


boards of candada

boring indie rock

cleveland, ohio

lebron raymon james

david foster wallace


looking at maps

scuba diving

mashups, notably z-trip, milkman, and super mash bros.

house of prime rib


sigur ros



infinite jest

harlan county, u.s.a.

noam chomsky

the mountain goats

turning westward from random points in SF and walking until you hit the ocean

avoid if possible...   huge but obscure pet peeves  

fox news

most of ohio

Ayn Rand fans (droids)


signs that replace the letter "c" with the letter "k". Drives me nuts.

people that talk with food in their mouth. on television.

the sound of beverages being poured on radio commercials