Twitter @Anywhere... playing around


I recently decided to start playing around with Twitter's @anywhere functionality. According to The Twitter blog, @anywhere will allow web users to engage with existing Twitter features from within their favorite websites.



Hovercards: Tweetbox: Follow Button:

Hovercards basically allow a user to hover over a link, and have my Twitter profile information show during the onMouseOver event. This behavior is probably familiar from the Twitter website itself, but hovercard enables this inside my standard HTML page. Check it out below.

It sometimes takes a while to load --in theory I could improve that load time by using jQuery, but I'll save that project for a day when it's not 74 Degrees and cloudless.

The Tweetbox... is a lonely child, waiting in the park. Actually, that's The Reflex. On the bright side, you now have Duran Duran stuck in your head.

The Tweetbox, on the other hand, is a box that goes into a webpage, from which I can tweet. As I put my product manager hat on, it seems like an edge case. I'm waiting to be convinced otherwise.

Nonetheless, I have it working, so you must look at it. I could have done a fancier flyout ajax version, but again, 74 Degrees and Sunny...

The Follow button is just that. A button one could click on in order to follow a specific user. In this case I've wired it up to folow @anywhere, the Twitter product / service that allows all this magic to happen.

While I'm at it, here's buttons to follow my public and private accounts.


Hovercard Example: Eric Lerner on Twitter





The Obligatory Widget


Also, I used the wizard on Twitter's website to generate this embeddable Twitter Widget. The process was pretty self-explanatory.